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Hollywood Stunt Professional

Growing up in Chatsworth, California, my family was very close knit:  two brothers and my oldest sister, with two great parents who, before they passed away, made it just past their 50 year anniversary. Getting up early, to get the chores done–we had plenty of open spaces to raise horses, chickens, and the like–and then off to school.  After school, we would head straight home to do our homework, and then out digging up the backyard with school and neighborhood friends, spending hours building BMX tracks and making wooden jumps. I was never much of a stick-and-ball sports type of kid; wheels and motors were my thing, and still are.
I started riding motorcycles with my brothers at age 7, and started racing motocross at 12. I started racing professionally for Team Maico at age 18, before choosing to pursue a career as a professional stuntman by age 20.  Life has been good to me, I’m blessed to say.  I have achieved over 36 years with the Screen Actors Guild–with over 170 credits–and still going! One of the many bonuses of my Stunt and Acting career has been the opportunity to work as a Product Specialist, and as a Test Driver, directly with the great folks at Acura, BMW, Lexus, McLaren, Maserati, Nissan, Pirelli Tires, Toyota, and many others.  Being a Camera Vehicle Operator for the past 30 years has also let me be a part of the exhilarating action that takes place in providing entertainment to millions.


A few of the many films feauturing Shawn "Hurricane" Lane's talent...

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