The Legend

2012 Actor Nomination for: 
Outstanding Performance by a
Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

Dark of the Moon (2011)

* with 203 others


Outstanding Performance by a
Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

* Cowboys & Aliens (2011)
* with 63 others


2009 Actor Nomination for: 
Outstanding Performance by a
Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

Indiana Jones
and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

* with 146 others


Feature Film
Work Performed
Stunt Coordinators
Jason Bourne 2016 Stunt Driving Gary Powell Simon Crane
Havenhurst 2016 Motorcycle Stunts John Molo
Broken Horses 2015 Motorcycle Stunts Mickey Giacomazzi
Uncanny 2015 Stunt Coordinated Shawn Patrick Lane
The Boy Next Door 2015 Camera Vehicle Rider Mic Rodgers
Alexander the Terrible… 2014 Camera Vehicle Rider Shawn Patrick Lane
The Purge: Anarchy 2014 Stunt Utility Hank Amos
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014 Stunt Actor: SWAT Officer Tom R. Harper Casey O’Neil
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues 2013 Stunt Utility Chris O’Hara
Iron Man 3 2013 Stunt Utility Tom R. Harper Oakley Leaman
G.I. Joe: Retaliation 2013 Stunt Double: Ray Stevenson Steve Ritzi Keith Campbell
Straw Dogs 2011 Stunt Double: Alex Skarsgard, Rhys Coiro Mic Rodgers
Cowboys & Aliens 2011 Camera Vehicle Operator Freddie Hice
Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon 2010 Stunt Utility Kenny Bates Kurt Bryant
Unstoppable 2010 Stunt Driving Gary Powell
Takers 2010 Camera Vehicle Operator Lance Gilbert
Extract 2009 Stunt Double: T.J. Miller Mickey Giacomazzi
Bruno 2009 Stunt Double: Sacha Baron Cohen Alex Daniels
Fast & Furious 2009 Stunt Driving Mic Rodgers Mike Gunther
Race to Witch Mountain 2009 Stunt Utility Scott Rodgers Mike Justice
Borat 2 2009 Stunt Double: Sacha Baron Cohen Alex Daniels
Hotel for Dogs 2009 Stunt Utility Tom R. Harper
Valkyrie 2008 Stunt Utility James Armstrong
Bedtime Stories 2008 Stunt Double: Adam Sandler John Epstein
The Pineapple Express 2008 Stunt Actor: Thug #7 Gary Hymes
Pig Hunt 2008 Stunt Double: Phillip Torretto Justin Sundquist
Get Smart 2008 Camera Vehicle Rider Doug Coleman
Hancock 2008 Stunt Utility & Camera Vehicle Rider Simone Crane Wade Eastwood
You Don’t Mess with the Zohan 2008 Stunt Double: John Turturro Scott Rodgers Chris O’Hara
Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull 2008 Stunt Utility Gary Powell
There Will Be Blood 2007 Stunt Double: Daniel Day Lewis Mike Schwartz
Halloween 2007 Stunt Double: Nick Mennell Rawn Hutchinson
Invasion 2007 Stunt Utility & Camera Vehicle Rider Tim Trella
Transformers 2007 Stunt Double: Josh Duhamel Kenny Bates Frank Torres
Ocean’s 13 2007 Stunt Utility John Robotham
Redline 2007 Camera Vehicle Rider Johnny Martin
Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause 2006 Stunt Utility Tim Trella
Talladega Nights 2006 Stunt Double: Sacha Baron Cohen Andy Gill Jack Gill
Southland Tales 2006 Stunt Utility Tim Trella
The Shaggy Dog 2006 Stunt Utility Tim Trella
Supercross 2005 Motorcycle Stunts & Camera Vehicle Rider Jimmy Roberts
Bad News Bears 2005 Assistant Stunt Coordinator Webster Winnery
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 Stunt Utility & Camera Vehicle Rider Tim Trella
National Treasure 2004 Camera Vehicle Rider Mic Rodgers
Taxi 2004 Stunt Driving Tom R. Harper
Back by Midnight 2004 Stunt Double: Marty Belafsky Spiro Razatos
Cellular 2004 Stunt Driving Freddie Hice
Catwoman 2004 Camera Vehicle Rider Mic Rodgers
Taking Lives 2004 Camera Vehicle Rider Mic Rodgers
Catch That Kid 2004 Camera Vehicle Rider Mic Rodgers
SWAT 2003 Stunt Actor Dan Wynands
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle 2003 Motorcyle Stunts & Camera Vehicle Rider Mic Rodgers Chris Tuck
Hollywood Homicide 2003 Stunt Utility & Camera Vehicle Rider Jeff Dashnaw Tommy Huff
The Italian Job 2003 Stunt Utility & Camera Vehicle Rider Kenny Bates Kurt Bryant
Old School 2003 Stunt Double: Vince Vaughn Tom R. Harper
Biker Boys 2003 Motorcycle Stunts & Camera Vehicle Rider Gary Hymes
Stealing Harvard 2002 Stunt Double: Jason Lee & Tom Green Webster Winnery
S1m0ne 2002 Stunt Utility Webster Winnery
Serving Sara 2002 Motorcyle Stunts Jeff Imada
Local Boys 2002 Stunt Double: Eric Christian Olson Shawn Patrick Lane
Bubble Boy 2001 Stunt Double: Geoffery Arend Jack Gill
The Fast and the Furious 2001 Motorcycle Stunts Jimmy Roberts
Spanish Judges 2000 Stunt Double: Matthew Lilliard Rick Barker
Mighty Joe Young 1998 Stunt Double: Geoffery Blake Terry Leonard
Goodbye, Lover 1998 Stunt Safety Rick Barker
Jurassic Park: The Lost World 1997 Motorcycle Stunts Garry Hymes
Metro 1997 Camera Vehicle Rider Mickey Gilbert
Raven 1996 Stunt Actor Russell Solberg
The Sunchaser 1996 Camera Vehicle Rider Billy Burton
Black Sheep 1995 Camera Vehicle Rider Shane Dixton
I.Q. 1994 Stunt Double: Tim Robbins Joe Dunne
Robo Cop 3 1993 Stunt Utility Dick Hancock
Out On a Limb 1992 Stunt Utility Glen Randall, Jr
Naked Gun 2 1/2 1991 Stunt Double: Anthony James Phil Adams
The Doors 1991 Stunt Utility Webster Winnery
Secret Agent 00 Soul 1990 Motorcycle Stunts Larry Holt Julius LeFlur
Robo Cop 2 1990 Stunt Utility Conrad Palmisano
Another 48 Hours 1990 Stunt Utility Allan Graf
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989 Motorcycle Stunts Steve Lambert
Lost Angeles 1989 Stunt Utility Rick Barker
Michael Jackon’s Moonwalker 1988 Motorcyle Stunts John Moio
Nightmare on Elm Street 4 1988 Stunt Utility Rich Barker
Remote Control 1988 Stunt Utility & Assistant Stunt Coordinator William T. Lane
Tapeheads 1988 Stunt Utility Rick Barker
The Running Man 1987 Stunt Double: Marvin J. McIntyre Bennie Dobbins
The Principal 1987 Stunt Utility Everett Creach
The Monster Squad 1987 Stunt Utility John Moio
Winner Takes All 1987 Motorcycle Stunts Ernie Orsatti
Howard the Duck 1986 Stunt Double: Tim Robbins Everett Creach
Weird Science 1985 Stunt Actor: “This Buds for You!” Bennie Dobbins
That Was Then… This Is Now 1985 Stunt Utility & Assistant Stunt Coordinator William T. Lane
Fraternity Vacation 1985 Stunt Utility Everett Creach
Bachelor Party 1984 Stunt Double: Bradford Bankroft Joe Dunne
Work Performed
Stunt Coordinators
Westworld 2019 Actor, Stunt Driving Casey O’neil
Mayans M.C. 2019 Motorcycle Stunts Norm Howell
AJ and the Queen 2019 Stunt Double: Joel Murray Clint “Burky” Lilly
The Rookie 2018 Camera Vehicle Rider Melissa Stubs
Lethal Weapon 2016-2017 Stunt Actor, Stunt Driving, Camera Vehicle Rider Tim Trella
Santa Clarita Diet 2017 Stunt Double: Ricardo Chavira Ben Scott
Better Call SAUL 2015 Camera Vehicle Rider Al Goto
Legit 2014 Stunt Double: Jim Jefferies Kevin Jackson
Crisis 2014 Stunt Actor Tim Trella
Sons of Anarchy 2013 Motorcycle Stunts, Camera Vehicle Driver Eric Norris
Grimm 2013 Stunt Double: Mark Fullerton Matt Taylor / Scotty Wilder
Undercover Bridesmaid 2012 Stunt Double: Terry Maratos Clint “Burky” Lilly
House of Lies 2011 Stunt Double: Ben Schwartz Mark Kuber
Dexter 2006, 2011 Stunt Double: Christian Camargo Wrally Crowder
Tosh.O 2011 Stunt Double: Tosh Pee Wee Piedmont
Gossip Girl 2011 Camera Vehicle Driving John Moio
The Paul Reiser Show 2011 Stunt Double Pee Wee Piedmont
The Defenders 2011 Stunt Double: Jerry O’Connell Pee Wee Piedmont
NCIS: Los Angeles 2010-2011 Stunt Utility & Camera Vehicle Driver Tim Trella / Troy Brown
Southland 2011 Camera Vehicle Driving Pee Wee Piedmont
The Bold and the Beautiful 2010 Stunt Double: Patrick Duffy Mike Casidy
The Mentalist 2009-2014 Stunt Double: Owain Yeaman Joel Kramer Kevin Derr
Chuck 2009 Stunt Utility Merritt Yohnka
The Jay Leno Show 2009 Stunt Actor as “Snugtress” Shawn Patrick Lane
True Blood 2009 Stunt Double: Alexander Skarsgard Ben Scott
Desperate Housewives 2009 Stunt Double: Kyle MacLachlan Wally Crowder
Knight Rider 2008-2009 Stunt Actor: Motorcyle Cop, Camera Vehicle Driver Dan Wynands
1% 2008 Stunt Driving Lane Leavett Joel Kramer
Single with Parents 2008 Stunt Utility Jimmy Roberts
The Apostles 2008 Stunt Double: David Hack Jeff Dashnaw
Masked Rider: Dragon Knight 2008-2009 Motorcycle Stunts Dorenda Moore
Days of Our Lives 2008 Stunt Utility Mike Adams
My Name is EARL 2008 Motorcyle Stunts Al Jones
Them 2007 Stunt Double: James D’arcy Jim Arnett
24 2007 Camera Vehicle Driving Jeff Cadiente
Wicked Wicked Games 2007 Stunt Double: Jack Krizmanich Ben Scott
Criminal Minds 2006 Stunt Double: Tom Schmidt Tom Elliot
CSI: New York 2006 Stunt Double: Jayson Blair Norm Howell
America’s Got Talent 2006 Stunt Double: Tom Green Nick Brett
Fear Factor 2005 Camera Vehicle Driving Jeff Cadiente
Medium 2005 Stunt Driving Tom Elliot
Star Trek: Enterprise 2003-2005 Stunt Actor as a “Vulcan” Vince Deadrick Jr.
CSI: Miami 2002-2004 Stunt Double: Len V Dohlen & Vicent Ventresca Tim Davison Jeff Dashnaw
Mystery Girl 2004 Stunt Driving Denney Pierce
Dragnet 2003 Camera Vehicle Driving Shawn Patrick Lane
Kingpin 2003 Stunt Double: Bobby Cannavale Gary Baxley
Son of the Beach 2000-2002 Stunt Double: Tim Stack Denney Pierce Phil Culotta
Lizzie McGuire 2001 Stunt Utility Larry Nichols
The Chronicle 2001 Stunt Actor as “Reanimated Corpse” Denney Pierce
My Wife and Kids 2001 Stunt Utility Shawn Patrick Lane
The Invisible Man 2000 Stunt Double: Vicent Ventresca Russell Solberg Gary Baxley
Promised Land 1998-1999 Stunt Actor: 2 Episodes Mark Donaldson
Famous Jett Jackson 1998 Motorcyle Stunts David Barrett
Sleeping with the Devil 1997 Stunt Double: Tim Mattheson Joe Stone
Walker, Texas Ranger 10 Seasons Stunt Double & Stunt Actor: 2 Episodes Eric Norris Tanner Gill
Dark Skies 1997 Stunt Utility John Moio
Chicago Hope 1996 Stunt Double: Chris D’Elia Phil Culotta
Kindred: The Embraced 1996 Stunt Double: Ivan Sergeti Chris Howell
Bay Watch Nights 1995 Stunt Double: Joe Spencer Greg Barnett
JAG 1995 Stunt Double: David James Elliot Diamond Farnsworth
Party of Five 1994 Stunt Double: Matthew Fox Jim Halty
Renegade 1993-1996 Stunt Double: Lorenzo Lamas Russell Solberg
Hunter 1992 Stunt Double: David Jimble Gary Combs
Dynasty: The Reunion 1991 Stunt Utility John Moio
Dark Justice 1991 Stunt Double: Bruce Abbott Joe Stone
Eddie Dodd 1991 Stunt Utility John Moio
Fatal Exposure 1991 Stunt Double: Geoffrey Blake Kerrie Cullen
Carol Burnett & Company 1991 Stunt Utility Jim Wilkey
Quantum Leap 1989 Stunt Double: John Snyder Diamond Farnsworth
Futher Adventures 1988 Stunt Double: John Scott Clough Gary Davis
Once a Heroes 1987 Stunt Utility Steve Kelso
Slow Burn 1986 Stunt Utility Larry Holt
Annihilator 1986 Stunt Utility Everett Creach
Another World 1986 Stunt Double William T. Lane
Amazing Stories 1986 Stunt Utility Roydon Clark
North Beach and Rawhide 1985 Stunt Utility William T. Lane
Hollywood Beat 1985 Stunt Utility John Moio
Street Hawk 1985 Stunt Utility & Motorcycle Stunts John Moio
Knight Rider 1984 Motocross Rider John Gill
LIVE Action Shows
Work Performed
Stunt Coordinators
“The A-Team” @ Universal Studios 1984-1985 Multiple Vehicle Stunts & Acting Over 675 Shows
Work Performed
Stunt Coordinators
Bud Light “Great Seats!” 2002 Supercross Rider with Jeremy McGrath Brent Fletcher
Coca-Cola “Bottles & Bikes” 1992 Motorcycle Stunts Randy “Fife”
Work Performed
Stunt Coordinators
CHP Careers PSA 2008 Camera Vehicle Rider Shawn Patrick Lane
Voom 2004 Motorcyle Stunts Lou Franco
Institute “Bullet Proof Skin” 2005 Camera Vehicle Rider Shawn Patrick Lane
The Exies “My Goddess” 2002 Camera Vehicle Rider Shawn Patrick Lane
Kid Rock “American Badd Ass!” 2000 Motorcyle Jump & Explosion Julius LeFlore